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This is the primary development site for the Elemental Linux Server (ELS) distribution. You are welcome to look around, but be warned that anything you find here should be considered unstable. If you are looking for official releases of ELS, please visit the ELS home page at http://www.ibiblio.org/elemental/ If you want to sneak a peak at the next release, this is the site for you.


Do you love ELS? Do you hate it? Have you found a bug? Let me know. Send me your feedback.

The Lithium release is available

You can download it from the ELS home page at http://www.ibiblio.org/elemental/

Here are some of the enhancements in ELS Lithium.

Better remote administration capabilities

Include instructions for installing the Dropbear SSH server as an inetd-based service. This will allow remote shell access and rsync file transfers over an encrypted channel. Much safer than telnet and FTP!

Note: due to U.S. export restrictions on cryptography, dropbear is not being provided as a binary package. You'll have to follow the HOWTO instructions and build it yourself.

To further improve the remote administration experience, the GNU screen program has been added to the base installation. Screen will allow you to run several sessions simultaneously over a single SSH connection, similar to the way virtual terminals allow multiple sessions on the server console.

More storage options

Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage devices and SATA drives are supported. This will allow you to do things like backup important files to an external USB drive or use the SATA controllers included with recent versions of VirtualBox platform virtualization software.

UPS monitoring

The apcupsd add-on package will allow you to keep tabs on you APC brand Uninterrupible Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a prolonged power outage, your ELS box can be shut down gracefully and automatically.

Web traffic analysis

The analog web server logfile analyzer is included as an add-on package to help you track the popularity of your site.

More howto documents

New howto documents include:

netkit replaced by inetutils

Clients for ftp, telnet and tftp now come from the GNU inetutils package. The same is true for the associated server daemons and inetd. Development on netkit has been stagnant for some time and has made the package increasingly difficult to build with newer versions of gcc.

Midnight Commander MP replaced by official Midnight Commander

Active development of the Midnight Commander file manager has resumed making it unnecessary to rely on older snapshots.

New audio/video libraries

Several new A/V libraries (flac, ogg, vorbis, theora, etc.) have been added. This increases the size of the base image a bit, but it enables you to do cool things like run an Icecast or MediaTomb server to stream your music collection over your home network.

Plans for the Beryllium release

Some of the enhancements for the next release of ELS include the following:

Older releases

The helium and hydrogen releases are still available for download as ISO images from the ELS home page at http://www.ibiblio.org/elemental/.

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