LPI Certification Self-Study Guide

A Brief Overview

After becoming LPIC-1 certified I wanted to begin work on a free self-study guide for others who are interested in taking the LPI exams. A sort of community-based study guide for a community-based certification. Rather than writing a self-study guide that tries to teach all of the material on the exam my goal is to leverage existing Linux documentation and combine it with sample questions written by LPI certified persons.

The self-study guide is broken into chapters based on the objectives for LPI exams 101 and 102. Each chapter will begin with a brief overview of the objective followed by a more detailed explanation and several practice questions. Exam candidates can judge their preparedness for the particular objective based on how well they do with the practice questions. A number of references to free documentation will be included so that candidates can brush up their skills if they feel they need further study.

This is a very large task and I am hoping that the Linux community will support this effort by offering contributions to the self-study guide.

The Work in Progress

The work in progress may be previewed in HTML or PDF formats. You may obtain the DocBook XML source as a tarball.

There is also a rather outdated German language version available in PDF format. Thanks go out to Jochen Berner who provided the translation.


The Study Guide is by no means complete nor can a single author do it justice. If you are an expert in one of the objective areas and would like to be part of the LPI Study Guide effort please contact me to adopt a chapter.


In June of 2004 I decided that I was going to become Linux certified. I researched the various programs and decided that LPI's certification program was the best choice for me. So I looked into the requirements on the LPI web site and then paid a visit to my local library to check out some LPI self-study material.

I was surprised to find that many of the self-study guides were three or four years old. Worse than that the objectives listed on LPI's website for exam 101 and exam 102 were not the same as the objectives for exam 101 and exam 102 in the books. Needless to say I was not confident in my choice of self-study material.

I looked at some other self-study materials, both printed and online, and found that they all seemed to suffer from the same flaws. I decided to go ahead with the self-study method of preparing for the LPI exams using several different resources including the books I originally picked up at the library. But all the time I studied I kept thinking, "what if the study guide was wrong."

After passing the exams I decided it was time the Linux community had its own self-study guide.


Since the time I took the LPI exams there is a new Exam Cram 2 book out that has updated objectives.